Thursday, June 11, 2009

We just got back from our weekly trip to Georgetown and will not have to go back for 2 weeks!!
Things look good, are still healing and we were "strongly warned" to watch for any signs of infection and call them if needed.
Caleb will need to keep up with the nasal rinse 2 times a day and saline spray 4-5 times a day but he can spar and lift things over 5 lbs. His brothers will be very happy about the lifting part!! He can now help carry in the massive amounts of groceries we need each week.
Well, I will try to keep other things updated between now and our next D.C. visit, maybe we should go sight seeing instead!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Daniel and Maddie (Heather's 14 month old!) Daniel escorted a friend to her prom so we took these before he left.

Daniel graduated 6-5-09 after 13 years of homeschooling!!! Hurray!!!!

Well I should have posted last Friday because we had another DR visit for "nasal cavity" cleaning or as we affectionately call it the "nose picking"! The Dr. numbs Caleb's nose by spraying stuff in it then uses suction and a long curved tweezer like thing to clean stuff away so he will not get a sinus infection while he is healing. Caleb needs to use a nasal rinse 2X's a day and lots of saline nasal spray so the weekly Dr. visits will be effective. We go back again tomorrow at noon.
As of last Thursday, we will have about 3 more visits, then a CT scan mid-August at which time Dr. Newkirk said he will be able to tell if the tumor is growing or not and based on that we'll know what happens next! Caleb is feeling very good, has been released to go back to Taekwondo but must "take it easy", which means no head shots while sparring!!