Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yesterday Caleb and I were off to Georgetown University Hospital for his follow-up CT scan (last surgery was May 12th, so this was his 3 month mark) and an appointment with Dr. Newkirk. The good news is; the tumor has not grown in this period AND Caleb's upper nasal cavity is open (just above his eyebrow and close to the remaining tumor that was left because it was too close to his eye.) Dr. Newkirk was very happy about that. Now the plan is to keep Caleb healthy, as in no sinus infections, to do this he needs to continue his nasal rinses 2X's a day. We will go back to see the doctor in January or February unless Caleb gets a cold and then we need to call the him, with the tumor still there and not really knowing if the original path to Caleb's brain for the meningitis was due to the tumor it is very important that he not have those "streptococcus pneumoniae" germs hanging around in his sinus cavity. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and care for us during this time. As I recount the events to myself or others I am always amazed at God's faithfulness in ALL things.
Even though Caleb is better I will try to keep this updated in case anyone "out there" is interested!! Oh and BTW, he is released to spar and even endure a head shot now and then!!