Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Original 4-24-09

Caleb is doing well, we got home late yesterday afternoon. DR. only got 1/2 of the tumor, after breaking 4 tools!He went in thru Caleb's nose but the tumor near the brain was very hard so he stopped and will need to order new/stronger tools and then they will need to do a craniotomy to get the remainder. We don't know when but most likely soon, back to the DR. on Monday and will know more then. He is still sleeping now but seems to be resting well. He can't be in crowds or around kids (or folks with germs) so we will be laying low.I am trying not to think about the details or a “Craniotomy” (definition…..cutting into skull : cutting open the skull to expose the brain, especially for brain surgery) but trust God for all of the details!!!They did shave a strip across (ear to ear) Caleb's head in the event they went in Tuesdya but you can't tell. Thanks for all of your prayers, please keep praying!!!

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