Tuesday, April 28, 2009

written 4-28-09
So...here I go with our first ever BLOG!!
Mark, Caleb & I met with Dr. Newkirk for 45 minutes yesterday. Caleb's surgery spot (through his nose) is healing nicely and he is off restriction! (he can be around people.)
The info from the Dr. is a lot to process, after MUCH discussion, lots of questions (and prayer- yes he prayed with us!) he gave us instructions to go home and not think about the next surgery for two days (not so easy to do.) But in an attempt to do that I feel the need to update everyone who has been praying.
The next surgery will be a craniotomy and he is thinking within the next 3 weeks. There are many details that are hard to write about and desribe so I may leave that for Mark to post.
Caleb is truely an amazing kid/young man. We drove home from Georgetown, he and Mark went to Moe's for lunch (our after DR appointments tradition-Moe's or Chipotle) and I met Daniel and drove with him to Lorton for a baseball game (Varsity-Leesburg Christian School-they won 19 to 6!!) Mark said Caleb didn't have a lot to say but seemed to be accepting the surgery okay. Must run for now..........

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  1. I'm so glad you have created this blog. Now I will be able to track Caleb's progress as you have been following Kristin's prgress. Thank you so much for Kristin's prayers. I have added Caleb to my prayer list as well.

    We know that God will see both of our children through these surgeries and will restore them both to good health. We know that there are no accidents in life and believe that there will be a greater good that will come from these challenges. God bless our children, our friends and families, and the doctor's and nurses here at Georgetown.