Thursday, May 21, 2009

May 21, 2009 by Genoa
I am not very good at keeping this up to date but here's the latest on Caleb....
We went back to GUH last Saturday to have the upper packing taken out and Caleb had taken some pain meds and his antibiotic with only a piece of toast so between that and the "extraction" he got sick when we got home and had a bit of a rough day. Recovered from that and went to church on Sunday then to see Star Trek with some friends (and Mark) after church.

On Tuesday we (Caleb & Genoa) drove back to GUH and Dr. Newkirk cleaned out the surgical site, we will go back once a week for the next 4 weeks to have that done and then that will be followed by a CT scan in 2-3 months to see where things stand. A part of the tumor close to Caleb's eye was left because it was so close to his eye, the pathology report came back as an ossified fibroma, which is what we thought and is BENIGN!!!
Caleb is allowed to return to work in the After School Program at Tiger Claw (his Taekwondo school) but is not allowed to "rough house" ! :-) Also it will be a while before he can resume his own TKD training.
We have had many wonderful friends providing meals for us almost every evening and what a tremendous blessing that has been!!! Thanks so much everyone!

Daniel has played varsity baseball with the Leesburg Christian School Lions for 3 years and this past Friday his team won the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP in O.D.A.C.S. (the League of Christian Schools they are in) for the 2nd straight year!!
I was able to go and watch both games and even go watch Star Trek on an IMAX screen between games (now that was fun!)

John turned 13 last Sunday and we now have 4 teen-age boys.....18, 17, 15 and 13!! What fun!

Thanks to everyone for praying, GOD IS SO GOOD!!!

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  1. Genoa! Just discovered that you have a blog of your own and was happy to catch up on the latest with Caleb. Mom has been keeping me posted, but it's nice to hear straight from the source. We're praying for you guys! Love you.